I hereby authorize J.MITRA to publish, post and/or electronically transmit any information submitted by me to J.MITRA in support of my credentials, including personal information for the purpose of its usage by J.MITRA as explained to me. I am authorizing them to retain such information in their database solely for the purposes of its usage.

It is stated that my credentials are verified and I authorize J.MITRA and their representatives, to release this information on social media pertaining to my professional qualifications, competence, identity, educational, academic or professional history, present status etc.

I acknowledge and agree that information, documents and records as requested by J.MITRA are furnished by me and I hereby extend absolute immunity to J.MITRA for its release and indemnify them from any and all liability, claims and demands etc.

This authorization permits them to authorize release of my information to a third party without my consent. Since its standing consent hence all information processed shall be limited to what is authorized to be shared by me.

I undertake that this authorization will remain effective until I revoke it in writing and in the understanding that the J.MITRA shall use the information in compliance to as agreed upon.